Moncage: Perspective-based Puzzling

Out since November 16, Moncage is a fascinating puzzle turned into adventure by the story woven into the mysterious cube that you try to solve.

Moncage (笼中窥梦) was released this November. Created by Optillusion, the game is a puzzle with a story and a twist.

Explore the curious cube that seems to hold mysteries and illusions and enjoy the beautiful art and surreal puzzles of this indie game.

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Optillusion Games is a small Chinese indie studio. Moncage is their first game, which, nonetheless, has won many indie awards. The developer has an you can check out.

Optillusion Games consider themselves indie game lovers, which we can totally relate to.

Moncage Game News Indie Game Fans News
Moncage is carried forward by a story with a twist

Moncage’s Gameplay

The gameplay of Moncage is built around a cube. In it, different faces display different scenes, and as you rotate the cube, you can see the ways to connect them. Each connection results in a puzzle solved, and it can grant you a photo that you use to learn more about the story of the game.

Moncage is meant mostly for those who enjoy puzzles, but it can also be considered story-rich. On top of that, the design of the game is almost magical and surreal. Even if you are not good at puzzles, you might consider playing Moncage just to enjoy its story and style.

Moncage Game News Indie Game Fans News
Moncage has a unique, beautiful style and a mysterious cube to solve puzzles from

The connections between the worlds of Moncage are subtle and can take some time to figure out. And so, the developers included a hint system to help even those who struggle with puzzles still experience the game’s story.

Optillusion also encourage using walkthroughs as a final safety net if you are feeling stuck. After all, Moncage wants you to figure out all its puzzles and learn the secrets hidden behind them.

In addition to hints, this game offers achievements for those who want to use Moncage to prove their superior puzzle-solving skills.

Moncage Game News Indie Game Fans News
In Moncage, you find story elements through photos


Moncage is a recently released indie game. Available since November 16, 2021, it is a beautiful and story-rich puzzle with optical illusions, hints, and achievements.

For a limited time, Moncage is offered for a discounted price on Steam. Use the link below to get it if you are interested.