‘Moonglow Bay’: Fish Your Way to Happiness

Indie game developer Bunnyhug have released the fishing RPG 'Moonglow Bay'. Fish, cook, keep your business afloat, and help your neighbours find happiness.

The aptly named indie game studio Bunnyhug releases a cute, playful game called Moonglow Bay, which you can check out on Steam. With the date of release planned for October 26th 2021, we will soon be able to play it and discover all the secrets of Moonglow Bay.

For the time being, let’s take a look at what Bunnyhug promises to include in this indie RPG about fishing and cooking.

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Moonglow Bay is the first game of the small indie game studio named Bunnyhug. It has only eight people, and you can get acquainted with them by checking out their cute website.

From the look of it, Bunnyhug is all about cute and sweet, and Moonglow Bay seems to fall right into those categories.

Moonglow Bay Game News Indie Game Fans News
Welcome to Moonglow Bay!

The Plot of Moonglow Bay

The start of the game is bittersweet. In 1980s, the partner of the main character dies and asks them to take care of their business. The business is in Canada, and travelling there takes you to Moonglow Bay. You need to learn how to fish and cook, selling dishes to keep bankruptcy away.

And in the meantime, you will be helping out the townsfolk, getting Moonglow Bay to grow happier and more united.

You just might discover some secrets and find unusual creatures on your way, too.    

Moonglow Bay Game News Indie Game Fans News
Let’s fish!

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Moonglow Bay‘s Game Mechanics

Moonglow Bay is mostly based around fishing, cooking, selling products, and interacting with inhabitants of Moonglow Bay. The game is an RPG, in which a rookie angler becomes more and more proficient while discovering new types of fish and new recipes for cooking them.

You can also play in a local co-op, and the game’s Steam page promises several chapters to complete as you learn more about fishing and help the townsfolk restore Moonglow Bay’s community.

Also, can we just talk about how cute everything is? The colours are sweet and calm, mostly pastel, and the lighting is gorgeous. The voxel graphics work great, and you get a cute little dog as a companion! Moonglow Bay looks like a wonderful, relaxing game, which we are looking forward to reviewing.

Moonglow Bay Game News Indie Game Fans News
Let’s cook! Our business needs to stay afloat!


Moonglow Bay is a sweet and cute RPG, which takes you into a beautiful world with a bittersweet plot and some opportunity for a co-op. You will have the chance to improve your skills and learn a lot about the aquatic life of Moonglow Bay. There are heartwarming relationships to look forward to, and a cute little dog will join you for your adventures.

Coming out on October 26th 2021, this delightful game will soon be ours to experience.