The 1997 classic Blade Runner game is getting enhanced!

Coming out of Nightdive Studios the classic adventure game Blade Runner, based on the 1982 movie of the same name, has been rebuilt for modern systems and re-released on PC and consoles. And what’s more, there’ll be a physical release of the game, which we have more details on further down.

Blade Runner Video Game

When it originally released, Blade Runner was one of the most innovative PC games of the time. It’s still praised to this day as a ‘masterclass in game design for its painstaking recreation of the sci-fi cinematic masterpiece’. It had fantastic visuals, an original score and a branching narrative that weaved into the plot of the movie perfectly.

Now, a new generation of gamers can enjoy this cult classic with this premium restoration, upscaled to 4K and supporting 60fps. Moreover; Nightdive has also sourced the original foreign-language translations, offering international fans the game in Spanish, German, French, and Italian, as well as Chinese subtitles, meaning as many people as possible can enjoy the game!

Most popular news:

The short-stock physical release is available now, and you can pick up this new version of the game on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, so no matter where you play you can enjoy this classic.


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