Necropolis Suite Reveal Trailer Released

Freesphere presents the Necropolis Suite reveal trailer.

See it on Youtube since the beginning of September:

Necropolis Suite is the first project of Freesphere, a recently founded game development studio created by Mark Gregory. You might know him from the credits of games like Solarix and SOMA.

Necropolis Suite is a first-person thriller that has been heavily influenced by Lovecraftian cosmic horror themes and the noir genre.

The dimly lit noir setting of the game…

The trailer reflects the noir nature of the game with its dimly lit black-and-white settings. The Victorian atmosphere of 1886 completes the narrative experience, which focuses on the themes of death and rebirth. The architecture of the titular suite shifts and transforms, madness lurking at its every corner, as the main character searches for insights to make the right choices and uncover the occult truths of the universe.

…is merged seamlessly with its Lovecraftian horror themes

According to the developer, the game has a core mechanic of Insight, which helps in solving the mystery of the house. Insight, however, is a glimpse into madness. By succumbing to insanity, you have to start the game while retaining all the knowledge you managed to glean thus far.

Madness, as the Freesphere notes, is a staple of Lovecraftian horror, and so is the British setting of the game. The main character is a detective, true to the noir genre. By combining these two main influences, Necropolis Suite crafts its own experience.

The date of the game’s release is to be announced. 

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