Webbed: Out Now on Steam!

A cute little 2D platformer Webbed was released by Sbug Games on September 9th.

A cute little 2D platformer Webbed was released by Sbug Games on September 9th. Sbug Games’ twitter announced the date a month ago, and the game is finally available on Steam.

The plot of Webbed follows a tiny spider trying to save her boyfriend; the Big Bad of the game is a bowerbird. The player will learn to spin webs to progress through retro-looking levels while making friends with adorable NPCs.

Webbed screenshots show the adventures you are about to experience as a spider

The previous game of the developer was STAB STAB STAB, which you can find on Steam or Itch.io. It is a physics-based spiky, dark, and almost nightmarish multiplayer; its goal is to stab your mutant bird friends with your beak until they burst. Webbed is also physics-based, but it seems to be much greener and more adorable. But is it?

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This level is less cute, isn’t it?

The release video shows your spider using the game physics and her webs to explore, create nets, catch (and eat) flies, destroy obstacles, and move objects. She will travel through creative-looking rooms while solving puzzles, avoiding dangers, and collecting items. She will also carry out tasks, help her friends, dance, and presumably do her best to save her spider boyfriend.

Oh, and she might be able to ride leaves and a skateboard. 

Adorable and cute little parachute

With minimal system requirements (1 GB RAM and 250 MB free space), the game will be available on Steam and GOG.

See Webbed on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1390350/Webbed/

Check it on GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/webbed

Webbed website: https://webbed.website/

Sbug itch.io: https://sbug.itch.io/