Non-linear psychological horror game DarKnot comes to Steam Early Access this year

Indie studio DarKnot Team have announced that their fascinating upcoming horror title will be coming to Steam Early Access later this year. DarKnot is a psychological horror game played in third person and the team are focusing on game detail and player immersion in this gloomy and frightening world. But it’s no walking simulator, as you can find out yourself (more on that later) there are many different ways to play this game; play as a fugitive, explorer, survivor or warrior.

DarKnot Video Game

According to an official description; ‘DarKnot is set in a labyrinth made from the streets of a huge city. You have been abandoned, left alone, and you’ll have to face death in this endless labyrinth. They seem deceptively calm at first but the truth is much darker than that.’

Since the last time we saw this game, a couple of years ago, the team have focused on reworking different locations of the game and different environments. The apartment area, for instance, has received a new look and whole new mechanics to help with player immersion. Examples of these changes, there and in the whole game, include AI improvements for enemies, additional voice acting, additional post-processing, overhauled sound design, reworked physics, and all-new moves in combat.

The game has a focus on being a hardcore experience, with every death affecting the outcome of the story, and allowing as much replayability as possible with a story that is affected by your every move and decision.

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Currently, a demo version of DarKnot is available on Steam for you to experience a snippet of the game. You can also wishlist the game there and follow its development on Twitter.


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