Ocean’s Heart: Nordcurrent’s action RPG launching on Switch February 10th

Ocean’s Heart, a Zelda-isnpired top-down action RPG, is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 10th. The Switch launch comes after the game marked the first anniversary of its PC launch back in January 2021. Developed by Max Mraz and published by Nordcurrent, Ocean’s Heart received a Very Positive rating on Steam and a 79% Metacritic score at the time of writing.

About Ocean’s Heart

The first game created by solo developer Max Mraz, Ocean’s Heart sets players as the main protagonist Tilia searching for her missing father in a world full of beasts, monsters, and pirates. With a heavy focus on exploration, join Tilia as she explores through flooded kingdoms, battles fearsome foes, and forages and crafts to upgrade her arsenal and brew potions.

Ocean’s Heart Video Game

Using retro-inspired 2D graphics, this action adventure borrows many elements from The Legend of Zelda series, with bright pixel art, a combination of magic and various weapons, and unique side quests with puzzle elements along your perilous journey.

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