Pixel-art RPG Rayless Blade Kickstarter is Live!

Rayless Blade will be an open-world pixel art RPG inspired by turn-based JRPGs and the combat of Undertale. The art style is inspired by hyper-light drifter, particularly for the world, where you’ll make friends, make enemies and solve a multitude of puzzles, as well as defeating a variety of enemies to progress. This game comes out of Kong Studio, a multinational team based around the world.

Rayless Blade Action JRPG Launches Kickstarter

Trapped on a remote island besieged by a tyrannical leader, you’ll meet charming characters who will help you in your quest, and you’ll make choices that will decide who stays with you and who will betray you. You can recruit up to three members in your party and each one will belong to a certain class (Dark Knight, Magic Knight, Strider, Engineer, Dragon Slayer, and Rebounder), so you have to choose carefully before heading out. You’ll find randomised loot obtained by solving puzzles and defeating enemies, and you can use it to customise yourself or your allies. 

According to the developers; ‘The premise of the game’s plot is a spin off of the quantum mechanics theorem, Superdeterminism and is meant to question the existence and meaning of God / the meaning of life. Where free will does not exist for the inhabitants of the island, it is up to you and your team to try their best to liberate the people and defeat the malicious creature that rules them.’

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