point-and-click Roots in the Sky announced

Sequel to The Hand of Glory, this Broken Sword-inspired title has a release date and a trailer. Coming from Madit Entertainment, based in Rome, who seek to create visually distinct games with rich storytelling and gameplay that harkens back to the golden age classics of adventure games but with a modern twist. This game sees the villain from the first game rise from the dead to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world once again.

Roots in the Sky - The Hand of Glory 2

With a mix of comedy, mystery and conspiracy, the hand of glory series, particularly the first game, is described by the developers as such; ‘The first game saw disgraced former detective Lars Bundy seek redemption by pursuing the missing scion of an influential family, all while keeping a momentous personal concern a secret from those nearest to him. With help from a nerdy but talented intern named Alice, Lars soon found himself swept up in a thrilling chase from the sandy beaches of Florida to the lush green hills of Italy and a hidden temple in England.’

Roots in the Sky will pick up five years after these events, with the main character eluding a rogue cult whilst working security. Eventually, of course, he is found, when his client is murdered, and he’s been framed. Now it’s up to you to solve the case before the police can investigate. You’ll see old friends and make new ones ‘on another epic odyssey through exotic locales in search of the truth behind a powerful artefact and an ancient legend about creation itself.’

Most popular news:

Not only is the original game coming to Nintendo Switch this fall, but you can play a free prequel to this new game called ‘The Blowtorch Files’ right now, in time for the 2023 release.


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