SWOTS Creator Brings us a new Strand Type Game; Witch Strandings

Witch Strandings is a psychic nightmare about being presented with a truly cursed place--and finding the spirit to make it a good one.

From Xalavier Nelson Jr, creator of Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator comes what could be the second-ever Strand-type game. That’s right, the thing Kojima said Death Stranding was, now there’s another. Strange Scaffold has also been responsible for other recognizable indies from the last few years, like An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs and the upcoming El Paso, Elsewhere, which we’re very excited for. Modern World is also publishing, a publisher we’ve called up-and-coming in the past and that we predict will really explode in popularity very soon.

Witch Strandings Video Game

Witch Strandings has you experiencing a ‘physical adventure’ in a minimalist forest that’s being destroyed by a curse. This top-down title is inspired by dark fairytales and asks you to create pathways through the darkness and nurture injured creatures as you ‘race to save the digital forest and confront the witch who broke this place. According to Strange Scaffold; ‘Witch Strandings is a Ghibli and Coraline-inspired exploration of self-care, visceral horror, and the importance of connection.’

Claiming to be a ‘strand-type’ game, you’ll use nothing but your cursor to explore a systemic open world. The gameplay revolves around nurturing, transport and physicality, which could be the relation to Death Stranding.

Designer Xalavier Nelson Jr says; “Witch Strandings is a psychic nightmare about being presented with a truly cursed place–and finding the spirit to make it a good one. Bringing something this weird and compelling to life required a partner who understood our vision, and a truly unique take on what a game trailer could be–and in both cases, Modern Wolf delivered.”

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Witch Strandings is available right now and is on a special one-week release discount on Steam. We can’t wait to try this game out as soon as we can.