Punk Wars: Stylish Post-Apocalyptic 4X Strategy

Out November 11, 2021, Punk Wars is an indie game by Strategy Forge S.A. that focuses on turn-based strategy and faction based battles.

Strategy Forge S.A. and Jujubee Games are releasing Punk Wars. This indie game incorporates the elements of a turn-based strategy and city builder.

Released on November 11, Punk Wars offers a post-apocalyptic story with a steam, diesel and steel-punk twist.

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Strategy Forge S.A.

Punk Wars was created by Polish indie game developer Strategy Forge S.A. They have another game in the works: Superheroes Academy.

Both games are strategy-based and heavy on combat, which seem to be the genres of interest to Strategy Forge S.A.

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Punk Wars city building

Punk Wars: Story and Gameplay

According to the Steam page of the game, Punk Wars is an homage to classic turn-based strategies. In it, a post-apocalyptic world has a few warring factions that differ in their technology (for example, Steampunk and Dieselpunk). Steampunk inspirations are very prominent in this game. 

The goal of Punk Wars is to expand your city, explore the fog of war, and exterminate the opposing factions. That way, you can prove their technology to be inferior.

Punk Wars Game News Indie Game Fans News
Punk Wars and warring factions

Punk Wars is primarily focused on combat, but there are important city building mechanics in it too. You will need to manage resources and research technologies to keep your settlements strong and your people safe.

There are also random encounters that can help or hinder your exploration of the map. Additionally, there is decision-making, which determines the outcomes of some encounters.

Descriptions in Punk Wars are quite humorous. The game has its own personality and a distinct sense of humour.

Right now, Punk Wars has a demo-version available, in which you can sample all these features.

Punk Wars Game News Indie Game Fans News
Punk Wars technology


Punk Wars is a complex strategy taking after classic turn-based strategies. This indie game is focused on combat, but it also involves resource and unit management, city building, expansion, and much more.

Play the demo (a free mini campaign in its own right) Punk Wars: Prologue or purchase the full game through the steam link below: