Puzzle Battler! Mirai Video Game

Puzzle Battler! Mirai brings some cute 8-Bit Anime Shenanigans

Japanese video game publisher Waku Waku Games has announced that their fun, action-packed Nintendo Switch title Puzzle Battler! Mirai is now available for pre-order! This particular puzzle battle game features quite the variety of features that bring a whole lot of fun.

Puzzle Battler! Mirai Video Game

The game follows Mirai, an average girl who finds herself in quite the pickle–an enormous debt that she’s kept secret all this time. What follows is a gauntlet of tasks involving saving numerous kidnapped princesses. Puzzling, yet straightforward.

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Puzzle Battler! Mirai Video Game

Gameplay action involves connecting pieces and chaining combos, unleashing more and more skills to beat your enemies. Should this be a sufficient challenge, you can wipe out low-level enemies all at once, or save your skills for higher stages–switching things up based on your preferences.

All this, combined with colorful, cute 8-bit graphics and a comical, casual story make this game quite a bit of fun to look forward to.

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Puzzle Battler! Mirai is now available for pre-order on the Nintendo eShop. The game will be released on September 22. The price is 7.99 USD / 7.97 EUR / 7.09 GBP. During the pre-order period, a 10% discount is available.