RADIOLIGHT pits you against an unknown threat to save your daughter

Radiolight, the first major game from solo dev Krystof Knesl, was announced today, and pits the player, in the shoes of ex-police security officer Daniel Collins, against a nefarious supernatural threat to save your missing daughter, vanished under mysterious circumstances. In his current Security job, Daniel notices strange radio interference from within the forest, and embarks on a mystery that will unravel his very mind to save the one he loves.


Equipped with a radio and in a constant line of communication with your friend Robert, you must use your detective skills to untangle the thrilling mystery of Ashwood Creek’s forests and of your own past. An official plot description reads; ‘Help Daniel overcome his insecurities as he ventures into the fog to search for his only daughter and maybe something else as well.’

In Radiolight, you’ll embark on a gripping journey where the outcome is influenced by the actions you take. This small 1980s town holds many secrets and is full of atmosphere, with your only means of communication being the walkie-talkie. Piece together the truth and collect objects to reach the end of this tale of strangeness.

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The game is currently available to wishlist or find more information on, and there are no socials that we could find to keep up with development, so keep an eye out for the name; Radiolight!


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