MADiSON Scares Audiences Starting Today!

MADiSON, the PT-inspired psychological horror game from BLOODIOUS GAMES, a two man development team, has been released! This is the first title from BLOODIOUS, who are a two-man team with the express mission of terrifying players. Perp games are publishing this title, with a history of releasing award winning titles.

MADiSON Survival Game

MADiSON has you being chased by a ghostly killer, which forces you to do as it tells you. The player takes on the role of Luca, and must complete a gory ritual from a time long past. In the vein of the Fatal Frame’s of olde, you will use a possessed camera to interact with another world, connecting the human world with the great beyond to solve puzzles, explore your surroundings and sometimes; just survive.

“MADiSON has been a passion project for many years and to see it in players’ hands is a dream come true,” said Alexis Di Stefano, Director, BLOODIOUS GAMES. “Being just a small team who are massive fans of horror, MADiSON was a labour of love through and through; we really wanted to add our own spin to this beloved genre in gaming. From the compelling narrative to the intense psychological horror gameplay, we can’t wait to hear what player’s think.”

There is also a physical edition of the game that comes with physical digital items, including:

  • Two Instant photos,
  • A Blue Knees Story book,
  • Two Ritual art cards,
  • Blue Knees Song sheet.

And this is on top of digital items users will receive for buying physical;

  • Five ritual cards,
  • Blue Knees song file,
  • Soundtrack EP,
  • Priests’ tapes and Possessed Camera DLC pack. The DLC comes with a variety of different skins for the retro camera used in game.

Most popular news:

MADiSON is available now on the Steam, GOG, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store for $34.99/ £29.99/€34.99; PS5/4 retail available for £34.99/€39.99. Possessed Camera DLC priced at $1.99/ £1.69/€1.99. The game will also be available for nintendo Switch later this month, with the european physical version being released in August.


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