Ranch Simulator arrives on Epic Games Store with new Support-A-Creator Campaign

Today marks the arrival of Ranch Simulator to the Epic Games store. Originally launched in Early Access on Steam in March 2021, the indie open-world game has received the Very Positive rating, and over 6,000 Positive reviews from players. 

However, Ranch Simulator’s launch on the Epic Games store promises an exciting bonus; a limited-time offer for creators to receive a 15% revenue share on all purchases of the game.

About Ranch Simulator

Ranch Simulator was developed by Russian indie development team Toxic Dog, and published by British publishing studio Excalibur Games (behind other indie simulation games such as Flashing Lights and Jalopy).

When you inherit your grandfather’s rundown ranch, it’s your task to turn your family’s fortune around and transform the ranch from ruin to riches. Players can hunt, build, farm, and trade to create the most prosperous ranch in the region. Expand and enhance your homestead, care for your livestock, and go hunting in the wilderness to maximise profits and bring your family’s ranch back to life.

Players can take on the enormous renovation solo in single-player mode, or play with friends in 4 player co-op mode.

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Ranch Simulator’s Support-A-Creator Campaign

From 10th to 24th February, creators have an exciting opportunity to take part in Ranch Simulator’s Support-A-Creator campaign on Epic Games. To celebrate the indie game’s launch on the Epic Games platform, the two-week Support-A-Creator campaign helps creators earn a 15% revenue share on all purchases of Ranch Simulator. 

Important to note is that purchases of Ranch Simulator on the Epic Games store must have a unique Epic Games Creator Link or Creator Tag to take part. Find out how to apply to Epic Games’ Support-A-Creator campaigns.

Add Ranch Simulator to your Epic Games wishlist today, and purchase before 24th February to get involved for the Support-A-Creator campaign.

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