Len’s Island: Open-World Survival-Craft Adventuring

In early access since late November, Len's Island is an indie game that has you exploring a beautiful and mysterious island.

Out since November 26, Len’s Island is a currently early-access game that has you explore a gorgeous island in an open-world adventure.

Early reviews comment on the lack of direction in this indie game at the moment, but in the meantime you can get your teeth into crafting, farming, and exploring the island which might lead to some combat.

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Len’s Island Kickstarter page talks about developers Flow Studio as a small indie team that arranged itself around a project started by just one man; Julian Ball. Based in Australia, the team released their debut game Len’s Island on November 26, 2021.

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You can build, farm, and craft. Don’t forget about exploring!

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The game’s Steam page offers some information about the gameplay of Len’s Island. The developers imply that Len’s Island can be played in a variety of ways. 

On the one hand, you can be a farmer enjoying the sun and the gorgeous, peaceful island. On the other, you can arm yourself and engage in combat with weird creatures deep in the dungeons in the island’s hidden depths.

The goal of the developers is to unite the fans of different genres, from farming sims to dungeon crawlers.

The core of the gameplay consists of building, farming, and combating. There is a craft system, but early reviews suggest that it is not very extensive.

Early reviews also seem to imply that there is a lack of plot at this point, which leaves them without direction.

This indie game is in early access, which hopefully means that it will stay in development and keep improving and becoming more and more engaging.

Len's Island Game News Indie Game Fans News
The Island is beautiful and open-world

Overall, Len’s Island promises to be another interesting survival-craft game with a gorgeous island world. If it is interesting to you, check the game out.

That said, please remember to be careful with early access games. They may need reading up on the reviews or looking for playthroughs to make sure that their current state is good enough for you.

While we hope that Len’s Island will not be abandoned, there are early access games that do not receive updates.

If, however, you like what you see and want to support the indie developers, buying the early access game is your chance. 

Len's Island Game News Indie Game Fans News
The Island is full of mysteries and dungeons to explore


In early access since late November, Len’s Island might need some investment into the plot. However, it is a promising open-world survival-craft game that will have players explore a mysterious island.

Check the game out on Steam, but remember to only purchase an early-access game if you are happy playing a work in progress.