SANABI Drops an Early Access Roadmap

SANABI is an exhilarating stylish dystopian action-platformer. Play as a legendary retired veteran and use your signature prosthetic arm to jump over cliffs and skyscrapers.

After its Early Access launch in June, NEOWIZ and indie developer Wonder Potion have followed up by unveiling its first roadmap for their popular indie title Sanabi. This new roadmap features months of new content and feature improvements. The game is a stylish dystopian action-platformer with all the beautiful neon and vaporwave you can handle. You assume the role of a retired veteran with a story to keep, and a signature prosthetic arm that can do so much more than pack a punch.

SANABI Video Game

After an overwhelmingly positive response on Steam, the Sanabi team has quite the treasure trove of content for players to sink their teeth into. These include a follow-up to the story leading to Chapter 5, an all-new guide system for more casual players, the addition of new collectives, and more. Technical improvements such as more robust optimization, a more polished UI, and bug-fixes round up most of the key improvements.

SANABI Video Game

However, for the icing on the cake, the existing Sanabi community will soon be welcoming new players when the game eventually launches on the  Nintendo Switch. There’s no specific date for this release, but work will be starting in November of this year.

In the meantime, players can take part in the ongoing speedrun event through August 7th. The player with the fastest record will have the bragging rights of having their name inscribed on Sanabi’s official Hall of Fame page, and will be rewarded with a Steam digital gift card to boot. Sounds pretty sweet.

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Check out the first trailer here:

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For more information and details, head on over to the Sanabi Steam page.