See the Meteor, BE the Meteor

Become a meteorite in METEORA and race for survival in the aftermath of the big bang on June 30th!

From the 3 strong team at Big Boot games in Mumbai comes METEORA, a visually stunning ‘arcade combat racer’ that casts players as a meteorite hurtling through deep space, racing for survival against the perils of the universe in the aftermath of the big bang that’s just been announced for a June 30th release on PC.

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Image Credit: Big Boot Games

The Brave Little Meteor

From our time playing the demo, METEORA blends on rails racing with a little bit of bullet hell and sets it all against jaw dropping cosmic backdrops which according to the Steam page were inspired by documentaries about the birth of the universe and, of course, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. We really can’t stress this enough – METEORA has no business looking as good as it does, just look at those screenshots and that trailer. Good lord.

Mechanically you’re racing along a set path, dodging other meteors coming at you head on and chasing you down from behind. You’ll also be grabbing powerups and executing combos including creating your very own (customisable!) meteor shower that you can use to clear the way ahead or use as a get out of jail free card if you get boxed in and need a hail Mary to escape. If the demo is reflective of the full game (a review copy of which we’re currently hunting for) METEORA is set to deliver a nail biting arcade game presented with a visual flair that studios ten times the size with ten times the budget have struggled to match.

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You can play the free demo on Steam right now if cosmic combat racing sounds like fun and if you’re already down you can wishlist it ahead of launch day on June 30th!