Everything from Day of the Devs (and Devolver, as a treat)

Day of the Devs is the most exciting part of the Summer of Games for us here at Indie Game Fans, and we’re thrilled to get to look at all the games announced at the exciting event.

Day of the Devs is the most exciting part of the Summer of Games for us here at Indie Game Fans, and we’re thrilled to get to look at all the games announced at the exciting event. This year they celebrated their tenth anniversary, a whole ten years of great indies getting a big spotlight. Let’s take a look at what we were all waiting for after the summer game festivities at this worldwide event hosted by double fine productions and iam8bit.

Time Flies

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A short game about a short life, from the developer’s previous work you can be sure this one will hit you harder than you expect. Coming later this year go to the great website timeflies.buzz for more info.

Planet of Lana

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We got a proper look at the gameplay for Planet of Lana for the first time, this puzzle-platformer looks visually stunning and narratively interesting, it’s coming later this year.

Choo-Choo Charles

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After making a splash on tiktok over a year ago this strange title disappeared for a long time, but now we get to see it again, and it looks more polished and more complex than any of the previous looks we’ve had so far. Coming next year, this game is very strange in concept but looks to be surprisingly great.

Escape Academy

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Made by real-world escape room artists, this game has you training to escape any situation. Coming later this year this is a puzzler to keep your eye on.

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A Little to the Left

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Imagine Unpacking except there’s a cat who wants to ruin all your perfect sorting. With a lovely artstyle, this looks to be sweet and small. We don’t know when we’ll see this one just yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

Bear and Breakfast

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We got another look at Bear and Breakfast with an adorable animated trailer and a new release date; July 28th, so not long to wait!

Animal Well

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This pixel-art puzzler has a really distinct look and is one of those games that looks better and better the more you see of it. No release window just yet but I’m excited to see more.


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This visually outstanding exploration game has a new release date of next year, but you can wishlist the game now.

Roots of Pacha

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The developers excitedly tell you about this stardew valley-esque title releasing next year, but you can play a demo now if you’re interested.

Desta: The Memories Between

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From the devs of Alba and Monument Valley comes this roguelike, turn-based, sports game where you explore your relationships with the people you know, coming next year.


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A new trailer for SCHiM is with us now and it looks just as great as ever, we also have new story details; you play as a spirit that has been disconnected from its body and need to return. We love a good gimmick puzzle game and can’t wait until this game releases.

Fox and Frog Travelers The Demon of Adashino Island

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This is the game that caught my eye the most of anything in this whole presentation; with interesting character designs, painted backgrounds and immaculate vibes, this title looks really interesting.

Goodbye World

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With huge retro vibes, this narrative game has some phenomenal pixel art and we predict will definitely be one to keep your eye on.


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This point and click puzzle game definitely has one of the most unique art styles of the entire event, it’s releasing next year.

How to say Goodbye

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With great music, unique gameplay and a really really interesting look, this was one of the last games shown and is easily one of the ones that caught our eye the most.

Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland

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Featuring music from one member of Anamanaguchi, this platformer is launching it’s kickstarter now!

Devolver Digital

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After Day of the Devs there was about an hour gap before the final showcase of the day, the Devolver Digital showcase. I’m including it here because, as always, it didn’t have that many games, but is well worth mentioning and even more worth watching because the devolver showcases are always a great watch.

First up was a new trailer for Cult of the Lamb, which has an all-new demo.

Then came Anger Foot, where you kick down doors and kill bugs. This chaotic announcement looks crazy and crazy fun.

This was then followed by a returning trailer for the recently released Card Shark.

Then, an all-new announcement for Plucky Squire, a game that switches between 2D and 3D to great effect, was arguably the coolest announcement of the showcase.

Finally we got a new look at Skate Story.

And that’s all! We hope you learned all you needed about the biggest indie showcase(s) of the year, but there is more to come, with Tribecca and Annapurna coming soon! If you want to find out what’s featured in those be sure to check more Indie Game Fans news.