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Send Margaret Thatcher Back To Hell In New Doom Mod

Call me cynical and world weary, but it takes a lot to make me double take these days. Well, this new Doom mod from the appropriately named Doom Daddy certainly made me look twice.

Titled Thatcher’s Techbase it imagines a world where Baroness Lady Thatcher returns from the grave to wreck carnage on humankind. Thankfully that’s where you step in and head to the tenth circle of hell, otherwise known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to stop her evil plan.

Thatcher's Techbase
The lady’s not for turning

Now, for anyone not familiar with UK politics the late Margaret Thatcher is quite the polarising figure. Equally venerated and bitterly hated she was responsible for some radical reforms in the 1980’s such as the breaking up the unions, the miners strike and the poll tax. In office for 11 years, she certainly left an impact on the UK psyche.

It seems that despite it being over thirty years since she left office (incidentally about the same age as Doom) and eight since she passed away, she can still command the kind of vilification to get turned into a Doom boss from hell. Politicians be warned, video game developers have long memories!

Thatcher's Techbase
Stay away from my milk!

As a Doom mod expect the usual Cacodemons, Pinkys and possessed soldiers but with the added twist of lots of Union Jack flags and of course the beast herself Mrs Thatcher.

The Mod is out September 24th on PC, Mac, Linux and as the developers describe it “whatever the hell you want to try running it on”.

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