Shapebreaker brings a roguelike tower defense experience

Solo indie developer Alexander Van den Bulck is bringing the mechanics of tower defense and roguelike deck building together in a refreshing amalgamation that is Shapebreaker. Now in early access, players can now experience the challenge and ingenuity that this genre fusion can bring.

For an added bit of history, the game started development in December 2021, and the game’s unusual concept was well-received by early playtesters, and resulted in the game quickly moving to where it further improved due to the constant flow of feedback from the community. This all culminated in YouTuber Wanderbots covering an early version of the game on his channel. This paved the way for the Shapebreaker we see today.

Shapebreaker - Tower Defense Deckbuilder Game

The game features much beauty in its simplicity. From its old school graphics, to the challenge of tower defense being further highlighted by deckbuilding mechanics, this game won’t be for absolutely everyone. There’s a certain appeal that can only be appreciated by those who are into the aesthetics and intricacies that this title brings.

On the improvement side, an active Discord server and in-game feedback played a huge role in ironing out the kinks and working out the bugs during early playtesting. As of now, Early Access will be the key factor in gathering even more feedback to polish and refine the game–essentially taking it to the next level. As of now, however, things are looking pretty good for this new game on the block, game mechanic fusion and all.

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Check out the first trailer here:

For more information on the Shapebreaker, you can check them out on Steam where the game is currently in Early Access.


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