Space Simulator Tin Can is officially out now!

You can download a demo for the Tin Can game right now that includes four tutorials that let you learn the basics of the game.

Tin Can Studio has announced the worldwide release of their game Tin Can: Escape Pod Simulator; an official description reads; ‘It is said that in space, nobody can hear you scream, and players seeking the ultimate thrill are encouraged to download and check out the official 1.0 release of this popular simulator. In this exclusive PC title where disaster strikes, you are challenged to survive in an old Medusa Class escape pod with nothing more than your skills, limited knowledge of technology, and a detailed component manual at your disposal.’

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A Mighty Small Boat, in a Mighty Big Ocean

Claiming to combine the best of survival and simulation, Tin Can is a highly detailed simulation of space and machinery that features micromanagement of your escape pod systems, realistic simulation of resources and procedural generation of events and failures, so it’s a different experience each time you play.

The developers describe their game as such; ‘Lost in space in a fragile pod where only its thin hull separates you from the space void, your life depends on your ability to discover ways to mend and repair your pod’s broken systems while staying sane and healthy until rescue can be called if they answer at all… Alone, trapped in space, with nothing more than your heavy breathing, rising panic, and oncoming terror, how do you prevail and overcome asteroid fields and nebulas. You are solely responsible for every component and system on the pod. Dismantle, swap, fix broken items, and study the detailed onboard manuals for guidance.’ It sounds like an exciting and harrowing time.

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You can download a demo for the game right now that includes four tutorials that let you learn the basics of the game. As the game exits Early Access it is fully realised, but this isn’t the end, it will be receiving a dedicated VR version of the game. You can get the game on Steam, as well as joining the official Discord to get involved with the community. To follow development follow the game’s official Twitter and visit the Website.