The Illusion Nightmare is an excersize in terror

From the creators of The Illusion comes the sequel to that title, The Illusion: Nightmare. The original game had you playing as a man exploring a mansion trying to solve puzzles and get accepted into the cult of the homeowner; the daughter of the sun. The punishment for failure is death. Her mysterious mansion is surrounded with Unknown Dark Energy and is the ultimate test for those who wish to join, testing the power of one’s brain, Memory, senses, and interactivity with the environment. 

This new title has you playing through the same story, but revamped; now with twenty four rooms to solve, including wacky gimmick rooms like cross switch portals, loop rooms and a huge maze.

THE ILLUSION: NIGHTMARE Game News Indie Game Fans News

This time, you won’t just have the puzzles to solve, the house itself will try and stop you in your tracks. You’ll be attacked by ghosts and suffer from various hallucinations and strange events that will happen around you. 

The developers claim that ‘THE ILLUSION NIGHTMARE Is A Horror Game Made By Professional Crew In The Art Of Horror.’ Raven Games goes on to say that the game will give players the opportunity to experience some of the most powerful forms of psychological horror (whilst remaining vague as to what those are). Raven based their environment design on real world locations in order to create a feeling of realism to the horrors they create in this title.

THE ILLUSION: NIGHTMARE Game News Indie Game Fans News

Raven Games is planning on releasing this title on the 25th of May, and you can pick it up as soon as it drops on Steam, or you can wishlist the game to keep in mind for the future.

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