Spacefaring management simulator launches today

Polish team Klabater has today released their starbound management game Orbit.Industries. In it, you must build, control and maintain a series of thriving space stations as you explore distant worlds. And what’s more, they’re showing off the game at PAX East this week, and you can play the game on the show floor.

The game contains three modes, a campaign mode, an endless mode and a creative mode. According to an official description; ‘ blends inspiration from classic science fiction literature, movies, and popular space-opera TV series with actual knowledge and progress achieved in the field of space exploration, space engineering, and orbital stations development.’  Utilise a full 3D version of your station in the accurately realised night sky, or play in an abstract 2D layout reminiscent of a circuit board to help design the optimal station. ‘A unique economic system provides you with a key objective – make your station efficient and profitable or fail! The normal route of business can be disrupted by a number of disruptions. From hacker attacks to errors and malfunctions each module and its system entail in your management of the station.’

You can watch the game’s trailer here, and pick it up on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or Steam, and to keep up with updates on the game and for more information check out the official website and twitter.

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