Keep a space colony alive in Android Simulator

Games Incubator has announced their new title, being made entirely with Unreal Engine 5, and it sounds like an interesting concept. Putting you in the shoes of the titular android, you play in first-person as the ship you man makes its way towards a new colony. Along the way it is your job to maintain the well-being of the humans aboard the ship. The humans are in a cryogenic sleep and it’s up to you to provide everything they need.

According to an official description; ‘Android Simulator lets a player have total control over a spaceship colony. Manage its fly course, take care of its power supplies, let your botanic garden grow, and many more. The success of the mission will be in your hands.’

The game will be opening to playtesting in mid-may, and a demo will be available during the June Steam Nexftest Demo Festival. 

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