Splitgate Season One is here!

A new update for hugely popular free-to-play portal-shooter Splitgate released this week, and is the introduction of the game’s first season. This huge update brings with it many changes, which we’ll go through as much as we can here, but in order to feel the real impact of these additions you will have to play the game for yourself.

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Earlier this week 1047 Games released Season 1 for Splitgate’s Beta. This includes a huge amount of new features, modes and improvements, including a huge visual upgrade and an impressive level creator. The visual upgrade is mostly exemplified when looking at the map Foregone Destruction. Not only have parts of the level’s layout been shifted around a little, but has had a huge visual shift that is going to bring ‘the arena up to an exemplary AAA standard to which the whole game will eventually evolve.’

This new trailer shows off short clips of all of the game’s new modes, including an insanely huge 8-player level creator, allowing players to co-create maps to play together simultaneously. ‘The map creator gives players the option to create and place objects, weapons, spawns, building blocks, portal walls and more. It also allows rotation and magnetic-snapping between scenery to make placing objects easier.’ The map creator, which allows fully-customisable controls on both mouse+keyboard and controller, can be accessed by all players, and is easily one of the biggest draws for this new update. Also in this trailer are new game modes Evolution and One Flat Capture-The-Flag, this brings the total number of game modes in the game to a whopping 21.


The season, and many of these updates, are free for all players, but there is also a full 100 level Season 1 battle pass with both free and premium content, players can get started on the 900 Splitcoin Battle Pass right now.

You can jump right into the fast-paced portal-shooter Splitgate right now at Splitgate.com and you can keep up with updates on the game on Twitter.

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