Titanfall 2: Northstar – Modders Resuscitate a Killer Multiplayer

Online games die twice. Once when the developers stop updating them, and finally when the last person logs out. Or when a publisher shuts the servers down. Three times then. Whatever.

After the DDOS attacks that rocked the Titanfall servers in 2021, Titanfall 1 was pulled from storefronts and Game Pass while Titanfall 2’s player base dwindled after a rebound in the wake of a release on Steam. Sidelined by EA and with Respawn confirming that only 2 people in the company were working on the Titanfall franchise, it looked as though that was actually it. Until Northstar landed. What is Northstar? A modding framework that enables players to host custom servers within Titanfall 2.

Packing a new server browser, new and returning game modes including free-for-all, gun game, infection, and many, many more – Northstar introduces a huge number of features that committed players have wanted for a long time. As one of those players – what the modders have achieved here is nothing short of stupendous and here are the usernames of the people who contributed to it as listed on GitHub and in the description of Smurfson’s brilliant trailer linked above. To TF2 PC players new and old – if you played it and liked it before, you owe it to yourselves to do a bit of tinkering and get Northstar installed, you won’t regret it.

Northstar Project Contributors:

  • Barichello
  • GeckoEidechse
  • King Racc
  • Za Groovy DIO
  • EyelessRook
  • CirrusCyclone7
  • Slimeafro
  • NovaPhoenix
  • BlueghostTF
  • Martialrkr
  • Ruski
  • NuclearBart
  • Git2Gud

Northstar Trailer Contributors:

  • Lawyer Lifehacks & Granolaa 
  • Cylas 
  • TechSupport 2.0

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