Starsand Brings Animal Magic With New Camel Update

Starsand is a mystic survival game set among the dunes of an arcane desert. An open-world full of danger, vast environments and mysterious happenings await you!

Hold your horses – or should we say, camels! Indie open world survival game Starsand has launched its newest expansion with the Camel update. This is the newest update since Starsand was released back in November 2021 by developers Tunnel Vision Studio and indie publisher Toplitz Productions (the team behind other popular sims including Medieval Dynasty).

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What is Starsand?

Starsand is a first-person open world desert exploration and survival game, with elements of crafting, base-building, and resource management. After being caught in a violent sandstorm, players are left alone in an inhospitable desert environment and stay alive against the odds.

Conquer the sand dunes, solve puzzles, and find protection against the blistering heat as you are joined by your faithful camel companions, and survive against the mysterious creatures lurking in the sand and waiting to strike…

What’s included in the Starsand Camel Update?

As you might expect, the Camel update revamps the mechanisms and aesthetics of what the development team call the player’s “ship of the desert”.

As well as the ability to rename camels as many times as you like, players can also treat their humpbacked friend to a saddle for extra riding comfort, and a sunshade to shield their eyes from the sun and keep them moving more easily across the desert plains. A new whistle mechanism means that camels within range can follow you at will. Players can also rearrange their caravans to prevent fallouts between camels!

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Where can I play Starsand?

Starsand is available to play on PC for Windows (via Steam). Add to your wishlist today to stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon from the Starsand development team.