Stellar Warfare just got a bit more ‘Super’

Exploring the final frontier just got much bigger and more exciting. Dutch game studio Tense Games added Super-Ships alongside a few more surprises to Stellar Warfare last Saturday. While a bit more intimidating in appearance, these are quite similar to experimental units from Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation. Make no mistake, they pack some serious firepower.

Stellar Warfare dropped into early access on August 4, 2021 after three years of development. Almost a year later, an assortment of features and regular, bi-weekly updates  have been added to the game since then. Last Saturday’s addition was no different, albeit to a much larger scale.

Stellar Warfare Video Game

Heavy class ships were already made to fire twice as fast compared to its smaller counterparts. This, of course made sense. Juggernauts needed to pack that extra punch. However, this came at an additional cost of resources to balance things out. Less heavy ships, but way more firepower on the battlefield.

It doesn’t end there, as other recent additions include new maps, a more polished direct-control mode for ships, and additional artillery structures. Lastly, a cooperative wave defense game mode has also been added in this recent patch.

Most popular news:

Stellar Warfare is currently available on Steam. So, if you want to get those Super Ships up and running, it’s best to check them out.


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