Espresso Tycoon – Free Demo Coming Soon To Steam

Upcoming indie management simulator Espresso Tycoon is getting a new free demo in February, says development studio DreamWay Games. Touted as “the future of tycoon games”, Espresso Tycoon promises a blend (get it?) of resource management, choices-matter decision making, and head-scratching strategy to help you get the big bucks as you create your own massive coffee empire.

What is Espresso Tycoon?

You may think that this may be just another management simulator – you might be wrong. Espresso Tycoon promises customization of your own coffee shop right down to the location, interior decoration, music, and employees, and well as the usual management and advertising strategies you’d expect to see in a management sim.

Interestingly, there even looks to be a unique in-game 3D modeler that shows a side-profile of your coffee cup, so you can craft each and every coffee precisely to the specifications of your exacting customers.

Espresso Tycoon Game News Indie Game Fans News

Where can I play Espresso Tycoon?

Espresso Tycoon will launch on Steam for PC in 2022. “We are thinking about releasing it on several consoles or maybe mobile,” confirmed DreamWay Games, “but it’s too soon to decide.”

Right now, DreamWay Games are looking for playtesters for the new Espresso Tycoon demo. To apply for the playtest, check out the Espresso Tycoon Steam page.

Espresso Tycoon Game News Indie Game Fans News

While the full release date has not yet been confirmed, the free demo will launch on Steam on February 21st 2022. If you’re not chosen for the playtest, then don’t panic – you can catch the developers’ demo playthrough livestream through Steam’s Next Fest the same day.

In the meantime, why not add Espresso Tycoon to your Steam wishlist to be notified upon launch?

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