Heart of Muriet Video Game

Strategy, Warfare, and Magic in Heart of Muriet

Solo developer Microtale just dropped some vital information on their first game–a real-time strategy title named Heart of Muriet. A brand spanking new campaign demo is now available to try out.

Heart of Muriet Video Game

Players can play through the opening three stages of the story as well as test their creative skills in the level editor mode. Assume the role of a young, powerful wizard–a member of The Seener, a powerful arcane collective, removed from power and under siege from other rival houses.

Teaming up with Elves, Dwarfs, and Mages, you’ll need to build and manage settlements, all the while, learning the mysteries of sorcery and warfare. The game favors grand strategy over micromanagement, much like classic RTS titles.

Players can go 1v1 through skirmishes on maps, custom-made or otherwise. A full-level editor will be available upon launch, complete with the ability to set objectives, restrict army sizes and even add an AI team to create a co-op experience. Yes, there will be bots.

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The campaign demo is available until September 26 as part of the Heart of Muriet Kickstarter campaign. Heart of Muriet is set to release early next year in Steam Early Access.