The Wrath of Whispers Survival Game

The Wrath of Whispers Looks to Embody Supernatural Survival

Indie developer Breaking Point just jump started their IndieGoGo funding campaign which is clear for launch on September 13th. The title in the works? A supernatural survival game, The Wrath of Whispers.The game has players fighting their way out of Limbo as the world itself crumbles into paranormal turmoil. The objective is to endure the increasingly harsh seasons and fallout while living off the land, and abandoned towns. It’s a long term struggle which aims to tickle the fancy of every post-apocalyptic survivalist.The Wrath of Whispers Survival GameThere’s much involving the supernatural, with violent spirits manifesting near their remains. Demons and wendigos prowl forests and infest caverns. Players have abilities like astral projection to distract and lure spirits; and equipment to bind and banish creatures. The environment is unforgiving, with storms and floods wreaking havoc on structures, while the supernatural winter becomes unbearably cold. Hunting, gathering, and crafting become vital for survival.As of now, the game supports 4 player co-op online with the option to play offline. PVP will be considered as soon as Unity’s DOTS Netcode is considered production ready. The planned Survival Game Mode will have players testing their endurance, with some games expected to last years in-game. When a player dies they’ll have another chance as they wake in limbo away from their body. Of course, going back to square one won’t be so easy.“We’ll be releasing pre-alpha demos as each major feature is implemented. With or without funding; the direction of development won’t be affected, only the time to get there.” – Nathan Roe, Breaking Point Interactive Director

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The Wrath of Whispers is currently in development, with a launch date up in the air, depending on how the IndieGoGo funding campaign pans out.