Submerged: Hidden Depths announces New Release Date

Submerged: Hidden Depths is a non-combat third-person “relaxploration” adventure, set in the sunken ruins of a beautiful underwater world.

Cast your oars and hoist the sails! The much-awaited sequel to the award-winning Submerged game, titled Submerged: Hidden Depths, sets sail on 10th March. Australian indie development team Uppercut Games promise a ‘perfect balance of tension and relaxation’ in this epic seafaring adventure game, complete with a vibrant world, new creatures to discover, and a whole lot of puzzles to unlock new areas for exploration.

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What is Submerged: Hidden Depths about?

This non-combat third-person adventure takes place in a beautiful world of sunken ruins and challenging platforming puzzles. You play as Miku and Taku as you travel across the waters with your trusty boat, braving storms and exploring the ruins to discover relics of your ancient past. Sunken skyscrapers become tranquil leafy havens to uncover, explore, and solve puzzles within.

In a theme the developers have dubbed ‘relaxploration’, Submerged: Hidden Depths encourages players to take their time and fully immerse themselves in the hidden wonders of the open city.

“Our team has grown and learnt so much since creating Submerged, and then again when we started Submerged: Hidden Depths,” says Ed Orman, Co-founder of Uppercut Games, “so it’s great to be able to show the difference that learning has made to the game. Our vision stayed true, as has our desire to create that relaxing experience for players, but the quality and depth of our work has soared.”

Submerged: Hidden Depths Game News Indie Game Fans

Where can I play Submerged: Hidden Depths?

Submerged: Hidden Depths will be available to play on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Submerged: Hidden Depths Game News Indie Game Fans

When is Submerged: Hidden Depths released?

Submerged: Hidden Depths launches on March 10th 2022.

Want to make sure you get as much ‘relaxploration’ in as possible? Add the game to your Steam wishlist today to be notified upon launch.