Explore a world of Jules Verne’s imagination in Verne: The Shape of Fantasy Demo

Upcoming Steampunk-style narrative adventure game Verne: The Shape of Fantasy, has just received a brand-new demo, and is participating in the Steam Next Festival. Verne: the Shape of Fantasy is a 2D puzzle/exploration game where you play as Jules Verne dyring a devastating war. Aboard the Nautilus, along with Captain Nemo are chased by a relentless enemy hell-bent on twisting and changing the course of human history. 

‘In his journey, Verne will not only discover wonders and mysteries, but also face a dark and powerful force that is trying to eradicate imagination across Hemera… and inside his own mind.’

As Verne, take on the power of the IMAG, an Atlantean device that allows the player to rewrite the story and change what happens at certain crucial moments, the game features a non-linear dialogue system with a whole host of characters bought to life by the voice talent of the game and the old-school inspired pixel-art look that the game takes on.

Over the course of the thrilling story you’ll also discover information about the life and works of the real Jules Verne. 

Gametopia, the Spanish and Colombia based devs of Verne, have released the demo, which is available right now through Steam. To find out more, be sure to check out the game’s trailer here:

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