Summon Eldritch Gods and Run your own Cult with Friends in Worship

Start a cult dedicated to an unknowable cosmic horror in Worship, an upcoming indie game chocked full of tentacles, blood sacrifice, and eldritch encounters.

Blindly serve a dreadful god and bowls of delicious bone stew in the upcoming indie game Worship, which puts you in the shiny shoes of a cult leader. You’ll be solving puzzles and exploring territory when you’re not heralding the apocalypse, shepherding the masses to their doom, or sacrificing people to cursed entities that slither among the stars.

Most curious about Worship, is that it lets you run a cult with your friends! Worship will have local and online multiplayer, supporting up to four players. This means that not only to get to an unknowable entity to pledge allegiance to and eventually end the world with, but your friends (or online strangers via its matchmaking) can join on that horrible, yet glorious journey. 

Even better, you can choose your own eldritch god to follow, sort of like your starting Pokemon but really, really scary. Yet somehow, also cute. Worship has a bit of a Don’t Starve vibe going on, namely, a distinctive visual style that looks straight out of a storybook composed of adorable nightmares. Personally, I’m a sucker for the serpentine Hubryus, Sower of Insanity as a patron god.

Worship Game
Build your very own cult in the upcoming indie game Worship.

And because Worship is a roguelike game of cosmic horror, I look forward to seeing the terrors and chaos generated as I make my way closer to Hubryus, Sower of Insanity, and presumably stand hand in serpentine hand as we usher in the apocalypse. With some buddies, of course. Cherishing the memory of all the blood sacrifices along the way.

Worship started life on Kickstarter, where it exceeded its funding goal multiple times over. Its touted release for Steam is “when the old gods awaken”, while the estimated delivery for Worship Kickstarter backers is December 2022.

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The Worship game comes from indie developer Chasing Rats Games, a company of game designers based in Canada. Its first game was a chaotic screeching flesh pile simulator titled Struggling.

With this year’s fabulous Cult of the Lamb and popular indie games like Cultist Simulator, it seems like cults are definitely in this season. The time has never been better to get the old aviator sunglasses, white robe, and flower garland combination going.