Sunshine Manor: A Pixel Horror Story

Sunshine Manor by indie game developers Fossil Games is a 2D pixel adventure for those who enjoy bloody horror and twisted themes.

Fossil Games is a two-people indie game developer, who have recently released Sunshine Manor. Still available for a promotional price on Steam, Sunshine Manor is a 2D pixel horror adventure with magical (or psychic if you prefer) elements.

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Fossil Games

Fossil Games consider themselves a couple of developers who are interested in pixel art games. Their previous game, Camp Sunshine released in 2016 is a 16-bit horror game with elements of action and adventure. According to the developers, Sunshine Manor is a prequel to Camp Sunshine, which explains their similarities.

In particular, both games share similar styles and a love for suspense. Neither of them is afraid of blood or jump-scares.

Sunshine Manor beginning
Sunshine Manor leaves you alone in a horror mansion

Sunshine Manor Story and Gameplay

Sunshine Manor‘s Kickstarter details what inspired the developers, including classic horror movies and games like Friday the 13th and Silent Hill. That prompted Fossil Games to include an 80s-inspired soundtrack for the game, as well as a bit of comedy.

In Sunshine Manor, you play as Ada, who is a capable young lady trapped in a blood-soaked horror house. She does her best to end its horrors and free its ghostly inhabitants from the Big Bad: Shadow Man.

Sunshine Manor horror
Try to survive the horrors of Sunshine Manor

On her way, Ada will be meeting unique characters, collecting power-ups, costumes and using her psychic abilities while exploring Sunshine Manor.

The 8-bit art of Sunshine Manor is hand-drawn, and it looks great as a setting for Ada’s adventure. The game’s horror style, according to the Kickstarter, revolves around creating suspense. That said, the developers were not opposed to punctuating the atmosphere with a few jump-scares.

Also, Sunshine Manor is quite literally drenched in blood, which brings one back to some of the game’s gruesome slasher inspirations, especially Friday the 13th (the original ‘gore cut’ of Friday the 13th Part 2, where killer Jason Voorhees first appears in his most recognisable form, was unearthed for release in 2020 after being refused a rating by the MPAA back in the 1981).


Sunshine Manor is an indie game that draws its inspirations from classic horror titles. It does not shy away from bloody and mystical themes, with a main character who can use her psychic abilities to overcome everything the house of terror throws at her. Strap in for an 8-bit adventure accompanied by a fittingly 80s-inspired soundtrack.

Sunshine Manor will be sold at a promotional price until early November.