Time Loader: 90s-Inspired Puzzle-Platforming

Play as a cute robot in a new indie game Time Loader! Released early November, this puzzle-platformer is plot-driven, cute, and sweet.

Flazm is a small indie game developer with a few games under their belt. This November, they’re releasing their new puzzle platformer Time Loader

A sweet story about time-travelling that takes you back to 1990s, it’s a great nostalgic trip for some and an exploratory one for others.

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Flazm was created in 2010 by three people. Over the years, these indie developers worked on small flash and HTML games. Since 2015, though, Flazm has entered the realm of “big” games with its title Train ValleyTrain Valley is a train management game, and sold well enough to spawn a sequel. Both games have very positive reviews on Steam.

Time Loader's developers and publisher
Time Loader’s developers and publisher

Time Loader’s Plot and Gameplay

Time Loader‘s demo offers a glimpse into both the plot and gameplay of this indie game. You will play as a small robot that is meant to prevent a major accident in its creator’s life. To do that, you are sent back to the 1990s.

The setting and soundtrack of Time Loader constitute a hearty dose of 90s nostalgia. As you travel through the house, you will find that the background is very well-developed. Indeed, it has a lot of items to tell you something about the owner of the place.

Time Loader's platforming
Time Loader and a little bit of platforming

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The robot you play as is tiny and cute but very resourceful. You’ll be solving puzzles, finding upgrades and doing all sorts of platforming. Your robot might be small enough to be hunted by a cat, but it can change the past and the future! Although the impact of your actions might not be what you expect.

And yes, there is a cat!

Time Loader cat
Time Loader’s most fearsome enemy: a domestic cat

Time Loader promises some branching narratives that will depend on your choices. The platforming is physics-based, and the puzzles can be quite challenging. To see if the game is for you, you can play the demo that is currently available and wishlist the full game on Steam via the link below:


Time Loader has you controlling a tiny, cute robot that looks like a toy. With 1990s as your setting, you will enjoy a 90s-inspired soundtrack along with challenging physics-based platforming. Puzzles will be possible to solve due to upgrades to your robot. And beware the cat!

Time Loader is coming out November 3, with the demo available for the time being.