PlayStation players! SUPERTRICK and GungHo want you to login to DEATHVERSE: LET IT DIE and wreck up the place.

Japanese developer SUPERTRICK GAMES and GungHo Online Entertainment are firing off an open beta on on May 28 from 1-7 p.m. PDT and June 5 from 1-6 a.m. PDT for their upcoming multiplayer action survival game DEATHVERSE: LET IT DIE. (Disclaimer; death may be involved).

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A Jamboree? With Death? Where do we Sign Up!?

A sequel to Grasshopper Manufacture’s grittier free to play title Let It Die  from 2016 – DEATHVERSE: LET IT DIE is set in a wacky tv show called Death Jamboree. Players will try to survive a 16-player battle arena accompanied by a sentient swiss army knife robot buddy named Wilson (no relation to the volleyball from Castaway) who can transform into a number of deadly weapons, from machetes to katanas. But its not just you fighting for their lives in there, you’ll also have to take down NPC enemies in the form of Cryptids and run for the hills when Hunters enter the arena – because if you hang around anywhere near them, you’re dead meat.

One of the most eye catching parts of Deathverse is that your star power and celebrity status can quite literally save your life through the Glory Points system. Grow your fanbase and butcher the competition in flashy and creative ways to earn the audience’s adoration and score glory points. GPs then buff your attack power and increase your chances of survival, so don’t forget the little people or they’ll decamp to another player’s fanbase and applaud as their new favourite serves you an ass kicking fuelled by their applause.

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PlayStation Players, Start Your Watches

Deathverse looks utterly bananas and totally worth a try for PlayStation based battle royale fans looking for something genuinely different, or Killer is Dead fans who want to see SUPERTRICK GAMES bring their own brand of breathlessly bonkers energy to an IP originally developed by K.I.D.’s creators at Grasshopper Manufacture. Judging by that trailer, it looks like they’re well on the way to nailing it.