The American Dream comes to Meta Quest

It’s time to celebrate freedom once again as one of the seminal VR experiences comes to Meta Quest at the end of this month. Samurai Punk’s unique on-rails shooter is a satirical trip through the idealised 50s and was a huge name when it originally released in 2018. It’s been available on just about every major VR platform since the original Oculus Dev Kit, and now it’s coming to the biggest audience yet with this latest release.

Metal Quest Video game

Over the course of the game you traverse a vast complex constructed by a big gun manufacturer, showcasing how guns can improve everyday life. From flipping burgers to changing your baby’s diaper, you’ll see how guns can help with any task and how ‘the virtues of guns for the common man are only limited by the size of your magazine.’

This was the first major game from Australian-based studio Samurai Punk, who aim to make ‘dangerously great games and rad apparel’. But it’s not the only one; over the 9 years they have produced 8 games and have a reputation for creating unique experiences like this one.

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If you want laugh, learning and bullets, then this is the game for you! You can pick it up on Meta Quest on June 30th.


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