To The Stars

To The Stars is Coming to Earth in 2023

Developer Stellar Cartography and publisher Blowfish Studios are finally bringing their colorful and quirky tactical roguelike deck-builder To the Stars, to our home planet.

Take the role of a disgraced treasure-hunting captain and explore a procedurally generated sea of stars while building your crew. Use their distinct abilities to prepare for the voyages ahead and, most importantly, ensure guests have a great time aboard your spaceship.

To The Stars

The goal is to build and prepare a deck with an elite arsenal of aliens, weapons, bonuses, abilities, and most importantly, ships–for better travel, of course. Engage in real-time strategy battles with a variety of colorful characters to eliminate galactic threats with style.

Ido Yehieli, the founder of Stellar Cartography elaborates. “To the Stars is a fun mesh of deck-building card games and tactical planet hopping adventures. Guides will discover strange new worlds, meet cute aliens, and take on exciting battles whilst giving a flock of gullible loveable tourists the space tour of a lifetime!”

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To The Stars is coming to the Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac via Steam in Q2 2023.