Valheim’s Coffee Stain Publishing Beings on Rare Earth, Founded by Rockstar and Deep Silver Industry Veterans

Coffee Stain, a game development studio, publisher and investor based in Sweden, has been responsible for games like Goat Simulator, A Story About My Uncle and the Sanctum Games, as well as Satisfactory, which is currently in Early Access. Coffee Stain publishing was founded in 2017 with the purpose of finding talented new developers and giving them the tools they need to succeed, this has resulted in hugely successful titles such as Deep Rock Galactic, Retro Platformer Huntdown and the explosively popular Valheim.

Coffee Stain Publishing has now announced a new partnership with new studio Rare Earth, who are currently working on their first project, this new IP is yet to be announced, but we do know that It’ll be a cross-platform co-op action game. Rare Earth was founded by a team of former members of iconic AAA teams such as Rockstar Games, Deep Silver and Socialspiel. Their stated interest is in creating experiences that allow players to go on grand adventures ‘throughout space and time’. 

Rare Earth’s upcoming title will be headed by Helmut Hutterer as Game Director, who sports over 20 years of game design and production experience, including at Rockstar Vienna and on Deep Silver’s classic game Dead Island. Albert Säfström, CEO of Coffee Stain Publishing, commented: “Rare Earth is an exciting studio and we’re pleased to be working with them and help make their first IP an original and unforgettable one. Coffee Stain has much in common with Rare Earth, and what we both value in our gaming experiences, and that bodes well for the future.”

Michael Borras, CEO of Rare Earth added: “Even before joining the Embracer Group, everyone at Rare Earth had a deep admiration for the care that Coffee Stain puts into all of its games and communities. We’re beyond excited to start this journey together with the team at Coffee Stain Publishing and can’t wait to show players what we’re brewing up together.” With this new support from Coffee Stain and previous support from Amplifier Game Invest, Rare Earth is seeking to grow its staff to help bring its projects to life.

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