Voice Attorney is played entirely on Google Nest Hub

This is an interesting one… Bolverk Games’ have today released a trailer showing off gameplay for their new title Voice Attorney. As the title may suggest, this is a voice controlled game, but the fascinating part is that you can only play this game on the Google Nest Hub or Google Nest Hub Max.

The voice you hear in the trailer is Game Director Jaime Monedero March, and this section of gameplay is from one of the four cases you can choose to tackle in this voice controlled game. And voice controlled goes to the extreme here, with everything in the game being controlled only with voice commands. You’ll solve puzzles, interact with characters and make choices to try and solve the case.

The episode showcased in this trailer is the second of twelve, and showcases the game’s impressive features. The game is fully voice-acted, and utilises Google’s natural language tech to allow the player to ask free-form questions to characters, as well as allowing the player to object as characters speak to point out their lies. Bolverk Games is mainly a VR games studio but sometimes branches out into other new technologies in the gaming space, such as voice games and AR.

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