IndieLand 2021: Worship

Worship will become a cult simulator with exploration, battle, rituals, and management. With several Lovecraftian gods to choose from and different playstyles

Chasing Rats Games has ended the Kickstarter campaign for Worship, a roguelike game in which you run a cult. Set in a medieval world, Worship will offer opportunities for management, building, combat, and much more.

Welcome the old gods!

Chasing Rats Games: Twisted and Fun

Twisted themes appeal to indie developer Chasing Rats Games. Their first game had you (and your friends) control an abomination of a creature in a weird, puzzle-filled world.

Struggling not to die in nuclear waste

Worship, in turn, is a cartoonish and bloody Lovecraftian game. As twisted as Struggling, Worship sets itself apart with its visuals and gameplay, developing its own unique personality.

Use puzzles to gain more rituals from your god

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Worship uses a simple black-and-white color scheme with bright splashes of rare colours (mostly, as you will find, red). The art style, according to the developers, is a deliberate mix of friendly cuteness and unsettling horror. A warning for a lot of blood should be made.

The horrific Scarlet Behemoth

The art style is aligned with the setting of the game. You will play in a medieval world, where poverty and ignorance force people into submitting to the church. As you explore the bleak surroundings and color them with your blood, you will find the ruins of old civilizations. It seems, history is repeating itself, and your role in it is to bring an end to your civilization.

Worship’s Core Gameplay

Yes, your goal is to summon your god, and he or she will end the world as you know it. The core gameplay is similar for all gods; you will explore the world, fight monsters, and do your best to manage and expand your cult while proving your devotion. There will be puzzles, buildings, and, of course, rituals that require you to draw blood.

The core gameplay of Worship

Gaining devotion is crucial: you will need to prove it to your god that you love them and blindly follow them. None of the gods is evil, the Kickstarter page claims, but from another plane of existence and fundamentally beyond human comprehension. They are bound to cause an apocalypse, but they will do it in different ways, which leaves a lot of potential for replayability.


In Worship, you will be able to choose a god and join different factions. Since the gods have different personalities, things that please them (and help you build devotion toward them) will differ.

For example, An-Ansgaidh favours death; he believes that humans should be freed of the fear of mortality through… death. His followers focus on combat and are punished for necromancy.

An-Ansgaidh, Apostle of Deliverance

On the other hand, Glub wants his followers to multiply, seeing them as food for himself and his children. His followers focus on buildings and production.

Oh, and the church that will be hunting you if you choose to be a heretic just might be controlled by an old goddess as well. There seems to be a lot of lore to uncover in Worship.

Clad in shadows or gold; is there even a difference?

The game’s Kickstarter offers the opportunity to participate in a god’s design either through a community effort (by joining Discord and voting) or individually (after reaching a certain backer tier). There is already a community Goddess, which means more playstyles, follower skins, and rituals.

Other Features

Don’t forget about some additional features. The game will include a multiplayer with up to four cult leaders starting at once. The Kickstarter also promises streaming support, with subscriber names among the followers and chats affecting events in the game. Such features should give the gameplay even more diversity.

Four cult leaders playing together


Worship will become a cult simulator with exploration, battle, rituals, and management. With several Lovecraftian gods to choose from and different playstyles, the game promises to be quite replayable.

The Steam page states that Worship will be available as soon as the old gods awaken. But the latest Kickstarter update suggests the end of 2022 as the release date on PC and consoles.

Check the Kickstarter and Steam pages of Worship.