IndieLand 2021: Phantom Abyss

Phantom Abyss promises plenty of new installations to get excited about in this exhilarating Early Access release.

Phantom Abyss is a massive multiplayer racing game you’ve never seen the likes of before. This asynchronous roguelite running platformer sees your character dashing through procedurally-generated temples and uncovering hidden treasure, both against the clock and each other. No two temples are ever the same, so you get just one chance to take first place on the leaderboard.

IndieLand 2021 will feature live streams of Phantom Abyss on both Twitch and YouTube this Friday 24st September 2021 from 7pm PST, featuring speedrunners facing off against each other in epic race battles while raising money for dementia research.

Phatom Abyss

A Sprint To Success

The first game created by Australian development studio Team WIBP, Devolver’s single-player online PvP game Phantom Abyss has come flying out of the gates at full speed.

This challenging speedrunning game has enjoyed enormous successes since its debut on the Steam Store, with over 1200 Positive reviews and an overall Very Positive rating during its initial Early Access stint.

Phantom Abyss

Race Through The Ruins

Take on the temples with an awe-inspiring Aztec aesthetic and adrenaline-fuelled sound design. Dodge deadly traps from spikes in the ground to crushing pillars. Use your trusty adventurer’s whip to fly through the courses and swing your way across the perilous temple ruins.

But don’t run too fast! If you do, you’ll miss a vital means to guarantee success in Phantom Abyss.

Various sacred relics are squirreled away on the courses for inquisitive racers to find which unlock special hidden abilities, blessings from the Gods, and upgrades to help you on your quest to the top of the leaderboard.

Burrow deeper into the temples to find your way to the final Legendary Relic and claim the biggest reward for yourself.

With temple maps that you’ll only ever find once in your playthroughs, you must collect the sacred treasures before you reach the end of the run, or they will be lost to you forever.

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Unleash Your Inner Indiana Jones

Collectable whips let you choose your loadout and pick and choose your unlockable perks before each race.

Each whip is endowed with a ‘blessing’ from the Gods. But be careful! Whips may also carry a nasty curse that can hinder your passage through the temple, so choose wisely or risk disaster.

Recover keys from hidden chests to unlock new, more treacherous levels of the temple to uncover more covetous relics. The deeper you go, the more treasure you’re likely to find.

With better perks and skills to unlock and equip, get the upper hand against your racing rivals in future runs.

Phantom Abyss

Multiplayer Mayhem

Part of the unique charm of Phantom Abyss is getting to watch others fail. You can either share your Adventure Code with your friends or take on other runners online.

Watch up to 20 unfortunate ghosts per level fall to their deaths, impale themselves on spikes, or get crushed between boulders and columns in the race to the finish line. Outsmart your opponents to win the course and move onto the next big challenge.

Where to find Phantom Abyss

Released in Early Access on 22nd June 2021, Phantom Abyss entices players with further expansions always in the works from the developers.

The latest Overturned update in August 2021 unleashed 28 new booby-trapped chambers, as well as throwing players for a loop with new features like rotating rooms and other mind-bending obstacles for speedrunners to overcome.

Phantom Abyss promises plenty of new installations to get excited about in this exhilarating Early Access release that we can’t wait to share with you at a later date.

Join the race today with Phantom Abyss available on Steam and Humble Bundle.