You Can Now Play New Magical Valheim World, Mistlands

Viking survival sandbox Valheim now has a brand new area to explore, the dreamy and strange Mistlands, adding tons of new content to the smash hit indie game.

Fans of Viking-themed indie game smash hit rejoice, Valheim developer Iron Gate has launched a test version of a brand new biome and additional Valheim content to explore named Mistlands. As an in-game area, the Mistlands is a psychedelic dreamscape imbued with mythology, glowing lights and as befitting for Valheim, innumerable new grisly ways to die.

Currently available on a test build, all Valheim players can try out the new Mistlands content on both Steam and the Microsoft Store with minimal finagling, although players are advised to back up their existing saves. You can find the Mistlands biomes in-game by looking for the purple-black spots on your map. Although be warned, there are many horrors waiting for you there-in.

On our first foray there, we found the Mistlands biome to be a bit of a psychedelic dreamscape. First off, you can clamber right up the luminescent base branches of the mythological tree Yggdrassil, and the titular mists obscure vision and glitter with eerie lights. We died fast, as is Valheim tradition. 

We look forward to touring the nightmare mists of the Mistlands in Valheim further. Curiously, there are now floating blimp-like creatures, that have been seen laying waste to settlements within the Mistlands biome Valheim in a most alarming style.

YouTube player
The Mistlands update launch trailer for Valheim from developer Iron Gate.

In addition to a new Valheim zone rife for exploration and murder, a huge variety of new Valheim game content has also arrived in the Mistlands testing update. These include advanced building materials, food, and crafting systems such as additional work benches. 

Most dramatically in terms of playstyle, you can now become a magic user in Valheim. Enter, the Viking wizard! Learning magic requires gathering a new resource called Eitr and creating the correct equipment to wield it, among other things. Magic spells in the new Mistlands Valheim update range from fire and ice blasts, while the recent Mistlands trailer revealed a mystical skull that summons you up a skeletal friend to do your evil Viking bidding. 

However, becoming a magic initiate in Valheim is no easy feat. For one thing, you have to keep yourself infused with Eitr cooked up in upgraded kitchens, while some spells drain your health. Hogwarts, this ain’t. Although it does look like there will be plenty of sorceries to try out, from offensive to necromantic and protective magic. 

Other additions as part of the Valheim Mistlands update include the game’s first proper NPCs. Remember Haldor, the marketplace vendor of Valheim? Complete with his adorable Lox mount? Well, turns out that he’s a member of one of many potential dwarf clans. 

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Valheim Mistlands Video Game
Check out all the scattered mythic remnants strewn around the new Valheim area the Mistlands.

I came across a few standing dwarves with glowing blue eyes like Haldor standing sentry by the shimmering roots of Yggdrasil. I opted not to attack ‘em and they didn’t do anything, but had I taken a hit, they would have no doubt responded with weapons and magic far beyond my current skill set.

The Mistlands is a distinctly psychedelic and otherworldy new zone filled with wonders and surprises. Amid the many curious sights in the new Valheim biome are gigantic rusted swords plunged into the earth. It turns out these are the remnants of the Jotun, mythological Viking giant creatures. These also include gigantic skeletons strewn about the place, ribcages, and all. Now if that’s not super metal, I don’t know what is.

Released to Steam Early Access in 2021, by April 2022, Valheim has sold over 10 million copies, with many folks, such as myself, finding it a cozy yet bloody co-op games experience. Initially, a Steam release, Valheim moved onto Game Pass for PC, and an Xbox edition is touted for release in mid-2023.

Developer Iron Gate has not yet announced when Mistlands will come out of testing and into a full release. You can currently try out the new Valheim Mistlands biome by playing Valheim at either the Microsoft Store or Steam, where the game remains  in Early Access.