Your Ships will love the New No Man’s Sky Update

After a rather memorable launch a few years ago, Hello Games have been hard at work at beefing up No Man's Sky by releasing one update after another.

After a rather memorable launch a few years ago, Hello Games have been hard at work at beefing up No Man’s Sky by releasing one update after another. Things have been looking pretty swell since, and with the recent Sentinel and Outlaws update earlier this year, they’re dropping yet another surprise with the Endurance Update–a ship-owner’s dream come true.

Touted as probably one of their biggest updates thus far, it also ups the ante by focusing on the lovely freighters, frigates and fleets you might just have lying around. They give more details in the patch notes.

no man's sky survival game

“ENDURANCE brings a complete overhaul of freighters and fleets, allowing players to live and work aboard their home in the stars, together with their own crew. A new bridge brings a range of quality of life improvements, with instant access to warping and teleportation. Players can now build vast freighter bases on a scale not seen before, with specially themed areas and new features for growing food and manufacturing, and new technology like the ability to scan and analyse planets from space.”

There’s also a certain amount of excitement brought about by the addition of more asteroids, new Interstellar-style black holes, nebulae, and other space atmospherics that aim to both dazzle and inspire awe in your interstellar travels. The addition of the new expedition “Polestar”, focusing on a capital ship voyage, alongside a new combat-focused Nexus mission gives more content to unpack for the more active players.

This update is truly a momentous one as it coincides with the game’s 6th anniversary, and is right on time to get players excited for its worldwide Nintendo Switch launch on October 7th, both in physical and digital editions.

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Check out the first trailer here:

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No Man’s Sky’s Endurance Update is up and running on Steam with the game itself being on sale until August 2nd.