V Rising Sells 1 Million Copies and Drops New Hotfixes

V Rising has sold 1 million copies in its first week of early access! Hotfixes and a new patch are coming today.

Stunlock Studios have risen from their deathless slumber with their isometric vampiric adventure game V Rising selling over 1 million copies in its first week of early access! The first hotfix is out now with a larger patch being released today, details below.

Image Credit: Stunlock Studios

…or should that be Coldfix

The biggest changes for this patch include:

  • LAN Mode; players can now play V Rising without an active internet connection
  • New Steam Cloud functionality including V Rising server history being saved to it
  • Players can now send server-wide messages
  • Soul shards can longer be put in containers to prevent confusion when they despawn
  • Players can’t now send a single servant on multiple hunts by placing multiple thrones
  • Castle floors will no longer disconnect from castle hearts when 2 players dismantle floors simultaneously
  • Fixed an authentication error that stopped players getting back onto specific servers
  • Fixed an exploit involving salvaging cloaks for more than their total crafting cost
  • Fixed players getting multiple equipment buffs by equipping2 weapons at once
  • New admin commands to help improve the management of private servers
  • Server icons have been added to official server names to make them easier to spot

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Fly my pretties!

The full patch notes with detailed instructions on how to use some of these new featured are available via V Rising’s Steam page. Jump in now for a bloody good time, a million players can’t be wrong.