7 Days to Die: Latest Update Surges Player Count

7 Days to Die is an open-world game that is a unique combination of first-person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games.

Arriving on December 21st 2021, 7 Days to Die’s Alpha 20 update has smashed the game’s personal best player count by hitting 70,001 concurrent players for January 2022. Built in Unity and now entering it’s 8th year of early access, the steady pipeline of new features, mechanics and items built around a rock solid core gameplay loop of exploration, crafting and survival is keeping the 7 Days community engaged and growing.

It’s also sure to be turning analysts’ heads at corporate publishers like EA whose multi-million dollar live service games such as Battlefield 2042 have seen player numbers collapse only 2 months out from launch, and Microsoft who claim to have a 10 year plan for Halo: Infinite despite sparse customisation options in its’ F2P multiplayer contributing to a considerable decrease in peak player count since last November.

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What’s been added?

  • Brand new pipe weapon class (rifle, pistol, baton, shotgun, machine gun)
  • New zombie appearances including an irradiated, acid spitting variant
  • Twitch integration to enable streamers and audiences to interact through the game
  • Expanded seats allowing multiple players to use individual vehicles
  • More and better blended dynamic ambience and music
  • New shape blocks in the building menu to streamline building upgrade paths
  • New weather effects including gusting wind with leaves and plants that dynamically react to it

For the full patch notes including further additions, changes and fixes click HERE. Pick Up 7 Days to Die through the Steam link below.