foolish mortals Point and Click Adventure Game

A Kickstarter and Demo in the Works for Foolish Mortals

Inklingwood Studios are set to release a demo and Kickstarter for Foolish Mortals next month! The game features a classic-style point & click adventure game inspired by classics like Monkey Island and Broken Sword.

Murphy McCallan is an explorer who finds his way onto the mysterious island of Devil’s Rock. His task is to recover the lost treasure of Bellemore Manor–an eerie abode where decades ago, an entire wedding mysteriously vanished into thin air.

foolish mortals Point and Click Adventure Game

In your adventure, you’ll encounter challenging adventure game puzzles, carefully crafted to ensure no dead-ends or deaths–hopefully. From the creaking port town of Deadnettle and the abandoned riverboat turned voodoo den The Spirit Queen, to a centuries old French-Caribbean fortress and the grim St. Juniper Parish cemetery, you’ll be treated to quite the spectacle.

foolish mortals Point and Click Adventure Game

Players will be treated to over 70 gorgeous hand-drawn locations at full HD resolution, plus dozens more full-screen paintings, documents, and other details to investigate. With high quality animation, and more than 30 fully voiced characters to interact with, this game is gearing towards a very immersive experience.

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Foolish Mortals will be launching their demo and Kickstarter on October 3rd 2022. The game will be available on PC via Steam, Mac, iOS, and Nintendo Switch following after.