‘A Little To The Left’: Marie Kondo With Cats?

Two-person indie game studio Max Inferno announce a delayed release date of Spring 2022 for 'A Little To The Left', a cozy puzzle game about tidying up - just beware of the mischievous cat...

Who would’ve thought that tidying could be so adorable?

Two-person Nova Scotia indie game studio Max Inferno announce a release date of Spring 2022 for A Little To The Left, a cozy puzzle game about tidying up.

In this charming relaxing puzzler, players must help to organise the various knick-knacks left around the house, from books and papers to vases and pencils. Just watch out for the mischievous cat determined to undo your hard work….

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Casual Tidying Puzzles

Sorting, stacking, and organising their way through the bric-à-brac in each of the levels, players can unleash their inner feng shui with over 50 unique tidying puzzles to solve.

Arrange objects into organized patterns and uncover surprising scenarios, with a laidback relaxed sound design and charming illustration art style.

Each satisfying puzzle design has multiple different solutions with drag-and-drop controls for easy use, while environmental storytelling keeps players clued up on the main character’s motivation for cleaning.

Every level contains easy-to-solve puzzles suitable for players of all ages, and makes a great introduction to gaming for younger audiences.

A Little To The Left book puzzle

Feline Fiascos

While players toil to ensure their house is left spotless and orderly, there is one occupant of the household who’s always looking to get their paws on some chaos…

This sabotaging scamp will roam the levels doing everything in their power to stop you from tidying your (or, let’s be honest, their) house.

Players must work out new and clever ways to outsmart the feline foe and continue through the levels to achieve peak cleanliness.

A Little To The Left jar organisation puzzle

Where Can I Play A Little To The Left?

Although there is no set release date for this cute tidying puzzle game just yet, A Little To The Left will now be launching on PC in Spring 2022. Add the game to your Steam wishlist today to be notified upon release.

Can’t wait that long? The developers at Max Inferno have launched a free demo to allow players to play through the first 10 levels of the game. Get a taste for tidying over on itch.io for a sneak peek at A Little To The Left.